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Therapeutic massage customized to your body's specific needs

Tara Hackman, Owner, LMT
Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in massage therapy - whether it be for rehabilitative reasons or for the sheer purpose to have an hour to Unwind. I'm a 2005 graduate of the Lancaster School of Massage, and I continued on as a Massage Therapist in the professional clinic until 2010. Later I dedicated myself to building Unwind Therapeutic Massage. The style of massage that I have grown into is an integrative approach that pulls from different modalities, like Swedish, deep tissue, connective tissue, etc; and I incorporate those into one session. In every session, I strive to find the perfect dance between therapeutic and relaxation, so that each client leaves feeling lighter, both physically and mentally. To find the seamless flow from head to toe and make one hour seem like two, is my meditation in every session. My calm is my work, which I always hope to pass along to you.

Integrative Massage
After a one-on-one consultation, we will use a combination of Swedish, deep-tissue, neuromuscular, connective tissue and polarity techniques to restore flexibility & bloodflow, and relieve muscle tension throughout your body.
30 minute .............. $40.00   •   60 minute .............. $70.00   •   90 minute ............... $95.00

Stone Massage
In addition to the techniques mentioned above, stone massage uses smooth, heated, flat rocks to further encourage relaxation and circulation.
60 minute ............... $85.00   •   90 minute ............... $110.00

To schedule an appointment with Tara, call 717-799-8092.

Heidi Kraft, Massage Therapist, LMT
I am pleased to be a member of the Unwind Therapeutic Massage Team. After a career in human services and education I made the shift to the field of massage therapy and graduated with Tara from the Lancaster School of Massage in 2005. Serving others has always been a top priority for me and massage enables me to reach people directly through hands-on therapeutic touch. Massage sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs by treating tight, tense, and sore areas of the body. Multiple techniques are utilized throughout a session such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, polarity, among others to increase circulation and promote relaxation. I look forward to meeting you at Unwind!

Integrative Massage
30 minute .............. $40.00   •   60 minute .............. $65.00   •   90 minute ............... $90.00

40 minute ............... $40.00

To schedule an appointment with Heidi, call 717-413-3993.

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